Ukraine: Action Points for Scotland

On Mar 2 our volunteers met with a group of Members of Scottish Parliament to discuss the suggestions and concerns. The meeting was hosted by Ash Regan in the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh. The following is the recent version of our action points, inspired by the Kyiv Declaration. Full document is in the end of the page.

Humanitarian aid and refugees:

  1. Create logistics to send supplies to Ukraine and refugees abroad. Provide humanitarian, medical aid and non-lethal military equipment.
  2. Significantly simplify UK visa requirements: for Ukrainians with UK families and supporters. Provide social support to the refugees who arrive in Scotland.

Shelter Ukrainian sky and support the Ukrainian army:

  1. Provide military assistance to Ukraine. Supply Ukraine with arms, including anti-aircraft weapons. Lobby to create a no-fly zone in Ukraine, both for humanitarian purposes and to stop Russian ballistic missiles or bombers controlling the sky.

Economy, diplomacy, culture:

  1. Cut economic and diplomatic relations with Russia. Continue imposing sanctions – economic, asset-freezing, institutional and individual (including family members). Get Russian money out of the UK business and politics.
  2. Suspend cultural relationships with Russia, and support Ukrainian culture. Fight with Russian propaganda.

Full Letter (Concrete Actions):

Open in Google Doc or read on this page: