Camouflage nets | Плетіння сіток


We are making the camouflage nets on

Friday 16.00-20.00 Saturday 16.00-20.00


Morningside, Morningside United Church, 15 Chamberlain Road, Edinburgh, EH10 4DJ.

We need cloth or clothes of non-bright grey, brown, beige, yellow, dark orange or white colours.

Cloth must be thin; cotton, viscose etc, no towels, no sweaters, no duvets, no hoodies, because the net must be light and be easy to fold and unfold.

We also collect canned foods, cookies, candy, nuts, honey etc., high-energy foods that can be stored for a long time, for our defenders.

We would be very grateful for some donations to buy net base and cloth dyes. This is our JustGiving page:

Tel. 0744 24 69 018 Anna

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