Support Ukrainian LGBT+ Organizations 🏳️‍🌈 and LGBT+ Military 🇺🇦!

Support Ukrainian LGBT+ Organizations 🏳️‍🌈 and LGBT+ Military 🇺🇦!

Russia is a homophobic country that kills and imprisons people every year. In Ukraine, there is an acknowledgement of the military LGBT, which includes hundreds of people who fight the country against the Russian aggressor.

And now these LGBT people, together with other members of the military, defend against Russian attacks and free cities from occupation. It is Ukrainian soldiers, among whom are hundreds of LGBT people, who are fighting against the Russian homophobic military machine, which threatens the very fundamentals of human rights in both Ukraine and Europe. During the international pride month, it is important to talk about the war in Ukraine. Support Ukrainian LGBT+ organizations and Ukrainian LGBT+ military. The list below:

NGO Ukrainian LGBT Military for Equal Rights

Union of the LGBT military, veterans and volunteers was established in 2018 by Viktor Pylypenko, an openly gay veteran of the Donbas Volunteer Battalion after he made a coming out during  The union now has more openly gay as well as closeted LGBT military. We unite in order to become equal with other citizens of Ukraine, and have equal rights.

We are currently gaining strength, taking an active part not only in defending Ukraine from the Russian invasion on the frontline but also in defending democracy and equality for all citizens of Ukraine. We invite closed LGBT military and those who would like to come out and make democratic changes in Ukrainian society! Donate:


NGO Insight

Is a local LGBTQ+ organization that provides legal, psychological, and medical support to queer and trans #Ukrainians, among other forms of advocacy. In addition to connecting #LGBTQ Ukrainians with crisis therapists, the organization is currently collecting funds “to cover needs in shelter, relocation to safer places, food, and basic needs". Donate:

VGO "Gay alliance Ukraine"

Is an organization that has community centres for #LGBT+ people in #Ukraine, and helps them with housing, evacuation from dangerous places, providing food. Right now, they’re raising money for these projects. Donate:

NGO Cohort

Is an organization that unites #trans* people in #Ukraine, provides equal access to health care, visibility, protection of community rights. Donate:

NGO Fulcrum UA

The organization that is now evacuating #LGBT+ people in Ukraine to safe places, helping with drugs, psychological and legal help, same-sex couples and their children. Donate:

Human Rights Centre ZMINA

Is a non-governmental organization and Media, which aims to promote the human rights, the rule of law and the ideas of civil society in #Ukraine. Now defend the rights of people in Ukraine and fight Russian propaganda Donate: