Homes for Ukraine in Scotland

This page contains some resources for hosts and potential hosts in Scotland.

Facebook groups supporting refugees and hosts:

Official government resources:

Accommodation matching schemes:

  • https://www.homesforukraine.org.uk/ - Reset, the only matching service currently endorsed by Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (available in English, Polish, and Ukrainian)
  • https://www.ukrainetakeshelter.com - Ukraine Take Shelter, an international online matching service (available in 16 different languages, including Ukrainian and English)
  • https://www.shelter4ua.com/ua - Shelter4UA, an international online matching service (available in Ukrainian, Polish, and English)
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you do look for a host via an unofficial matching scheme or social media, we strongly recommend that for your own safety you still go through the official channels afterwards. If you have questions or safeguarding concerns about yourself or a loved one, please reach out to us or to any of the charitable organisations working to aid the refugees.

Helpful information for refugees: